Effective Gout Remedies – and Cheap

by on September 7, 2011

Effective Gout Remedies – and Cheap


gout remediesHaving a strong body doesn’t mean that you will have to take for granted having a well-balanced diet and lifestyle because you’ll end up preparing gout remedies. Gouty arthritis, often termed as metabolic arthritis in the field of medicine, is a type of arthritis that commonly results from the accumulation of too much uric acid in the blood stream – a condition derived from high uric acid diet and sedentary lifestyle. The accumulation will result to the escaping of the uric acid from the blood stream into the articulate cartilage of the joints, tendons and other surrounding tissues. Hence, this will result to the hallmark signs of gouty arthritis – presence of pain and swelling around the joints – and these requires effective gout remedies.

Who gets affected by gout?

Gouty arthritis is one of the most painful forms of arthritis that inflicts men aged 40 to 50 more often than women. Although gout is more likely to affect men, gout attacks are more common in women especially just after puberty. The time of onset in women are linked to the increase in uric levels just after puberty stage.

How do you know you have gout?

When inflicted with gouty arthritis, you can feel a painful sensation around the affected joints. Usually, only one or two joints are affected at first. When not mediated immediately, the affectation can reach more joints of your body. Often times, you doctor will have a test on your blood for levels of uric acid. Gout is characterized by an increase of uric acid level beyond 9.6 mg/dL. However, it is important to note that gout can still occur even if the blood uric acid level is very low.

The more common visible manifestation is the presence of swelling that appears to have white crystals underneath. These are uric acid crystals that have accumulated. These swellings are painful to touch. It is imperative that gout be intervened with gout remedies as soon as possible in order to prevent complications such as decreased kidney function and presence of kidney stones. It is good news that gout remedies are plenty.

What are good gout remedies?

It is a good thing that gout is one of the common types of arthritis in which the cause is known. With that, it is easy to formulate the solution. Hence, there a number of good gout remedies available in the market.

The most common way of approaching gout, medically, is through a symptomatic approach – an approach used to treat certain diseases through providing cure for its symptoms. In other words, multiple interventions will be applied to alleviate the discomforts that come with gout which gave birth to gout remedies. You better take caution though; there are some gout remedies that have negative effects to the body and may aggravate instead of alleviating the symptoms of gout.

Gouty arthritis causes the inflicted individual to have pain, which is often described as severe by many sufferers, on the affected joint. The pain can really be incapacitating. For this symptom, several gout remedies have been formulated to allay discomfort.

  • Castor oil treatment has been found to be effective in relieving gout pain. This remedy is prepared by boiling castor oil and pouring it in a glass of fresh orange juice. This is one of those remedies that must be taken before breakfast and should be maintained until signs of gouty arthritis are receding.
  • Cherry juice has been one of the top performing gout available. With the advent of the enhancing methodologies of scientific researches on gout remedies, cherry juice have been proven to be effective as pain reliever for gout. The main reason is that cherry juices can lower down uric acid level which is the main cause of gout pain. This remedy provides best result when taken as two tablespoons of pure cherry juice concentrate once a day. If the concentrate is unavailable, you can simply eat fresh or dried cherries and still have a good gout remedy.
  • Epsom salts has also shown to be effective in remedy. It has been recommended by many. This gout remedy is best prepared when 2 to 3 cups of Epsom salts are diluted in basin of hot water. This will be used to soak the affected foot or any joint. Hence, make sure that the basin is big enough to accommodate it. Let the affected foot submerged for 30 minutes. Be careful on using Epsom salts, though. Epsom salts are simply trade name for Magnesium sulfate. Being used only as a gout remedy and for relieving gout pain, Epsom salts should not be taken internally because when taken too much, it can cause death.
  • Ibuprofen has been one of the best remedies there is. Ibuprofen is a Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID) which also has analgesic effect.

One problem of gouty arthritis is swelling of the joints. This can really be a cause of a major disturbance of one’s body image and is the reason for the pain. Fortunately, a good gout remedy specific for that problem has been found.

  • Apples have been used by many as a gout remedy. These gout remedies have been found to be effective in reducing the swelling caused by gouty arthritis. According to latest research on remedies, apples have the capacity to break up the crystals of the uric acid. It has already been stated that uric acid is the cause of the swelling of the joint. When these crystals are broken down into an absorbable form and get excreted from the body, the swelling will surely shrink gradually along with the relieving of pain – making it a good remedy.

Although remedies are available, prevention is still the best cure. There are other gout remedies out there that are used to prevent occurrence of gout if you are one of the high risk group, even though they are termed gout remedies. With a proper diet and an active lifestyle, having to prepare these gout remedies won’t bother you anymore.

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